Good Call

by Atlas On Strike

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Atlas On Strike:
Jack "Dick Lips" Sibilski
Matt "Dumpweed" Trunk
Erik "Dysentery Gary" Atwell


released July 29, 2014

Produced by Atlas On Strike and Solomon Grundy.

Recorded Winter/Spring 2014 by Dalton Scolman, Matt Trunk and Erik Atwell at The Hole, Whitewater WI.

Mixed by Josh “Sweetbeard” Lancaster and Matt Trunk.

Mastered by Dalton Scolman.



all rights reserved


Atlas On Strike St Paul, Minnesota

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Track Name: Ramona
i fell asleep last night
with our night on my mind
and I woke up this morning
with an ache in my neck that hurt like hell
blue hair and colored vinyl
my neck supporting your head
you told me that swing revival
was far from dead

my thoughts on that night
are that my young life
would have gone very differently
had I stayed with you
like you begged me to
after listening to the acorns

your boyfriend he ditched you
and my girlfriend was five hours away
when I walked home that night
I’ve still never come close
to feeling that way

when I got home
I’d wait by my phone
I fell asleep for hours
the smell of your hair
still lingering there
in my mind forever

ever since then
you’re less than a friend
your hair is blonde now but you look good
we share a smile
every once and a while
we should shoot the shit sometime
Track Name: Congratulations On Not Doing Meth!!!
recently everything I have is blowing up in my face
and I’m too busy lighting the fuse
so use me, abuse me
take every fucking scrap of me and throw the rest away
just let it be the end
the end of this day
and they don’t care if you’re screaming
as long as they control your meaning
you can beg you can plead
you can bleed from scraped knees
it’ll never be fucking enough
and I bet I won’t live ‘til tomorrow
everybody’s planning my downfall
it’s the type of thing that happens
when you refuse to be flattened
or fall of the face of the world
like a moth to a flame you will follow
though you claim their bullshit’s hard to swallow
you’ll be burned you’ll be scattered
but I don’t think that matters
I considered you dead long ago
now I’m stuck here the littlest man
in this world full of other’s master plans
I’m a savior, a joke
I just hope I don’t choke
as I vomit the rest of my hope
lori please sing to me
all your lullabies put me to sleep
I haven’t had a pleasant dream in weeks
so just calm my nerves
let me forget the world
please just give me what I need
recently everything I have is getting so old
and I’m just trying to grow
regret me, forget me
but realize you’re the best of me
and throw the rest away
let it be the end of this day
Track Name: Hand Cannons
devour every last hope
grind them into pulp and slime
shove it down the gullet
of privileged swine
they’re perfect for slaughter
pay with money or blood for your crime

get in line
they all push you aside screaming “you have no chance here”
all my life
just a victim in the waiting room
prayers turned to wasted youth
one last time
forgive us our trespasses as we forget
everything we were ever taught
simple minds bleeding ignorance

I had a dream
we all sat down
realized we’re all scared sometimes
and let the bullshit go
we were stuck behind
dodging landmines
are we strong enough to go alone
Track Name: "Detroit Rock City" by Kiss
it’s another night forgetting who I am
it’s a feeling I can’t shake
I’d sleep my life away if I knew how
it’s the same shit different day

I’m so used to running away
that I don’t know how to stand true
these empty eyes are filled with shame
why can’t they be filled with you?

I won’t be afraid
I’ve lost hope
but I hope you won’t get buried by the blame

pounding migraines and bloody noses
missed lines and awkward poses
it seems I’m always on my knees
sweeping under the rug
where you hid all the pieces


it’s another night forgetting who I am
Track Name: What We Discussed:
system failure
fuck, we’re crashing
what we discussed
will never be

thank you for this wreckless stop in my life
soaking me in kerosene, human dynamite
strike the match and get the fuck out of my way
Track Name: I Do Not Know This Man
are these words in my head
are these words in my pen
I would do anything to forget that you exist

I’ll scream every dirty word I think of
every insult in the book
but that won’t get you to look

I’ll try to convince myself that I hate you
when I really hate myself
and I’m stuck in this rut
with this burning in my gut
so I’ll try with every fucking lie
but that won’t help me sleep at night

I watch as my demons
try to destroy my life
I’ll take another pill
and get so filled with strife

and they remind me constantly
of the bitter end
and that they’re my only friend

and this time I’ll write my last goodbye
and this time it might not be a lie

and it’s a guarantee that my life won’t see
as much misery as I have with you

we get so lost in the set up