The World Will Fall

by Atlas On Strike

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This is the first EP recorded, mixed, mastered, produced and created by Atlas On Strike.


released March 14, 2011

All songs written and recorded by Atlas On Strike.

Gang Vocals on SHAWING!!! and That's How We Roll (In Atlas On Strike) :

Atlas On Strike
Lexi Sheldon
Ryan Bossler
Jake Zylka
Sam Giessen
Justin Seideman
Larry Batterman
Jacob Jurss

Producer/Engineer - Chris Anthony
Mixed and Mastered - Josh Jurss

Atlas On Strike is Paeton Gillette, Josh Jurss, and Jack Sibilski.

Thanks to all our friends and families for their never-ending support.



all rights reserved


Atlas On Strike St Paul, Minnesota

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Track Name: It's The Fucking Catalina Wine Mixer
And all we have is all we need
And everyone we know
And all our plans are secondhand
We won't wake up here tomorrow

Slender bodies, late night bus rides,
Foggy windows, Foreign Tour Guides,
Phone on vibrate, anticipate,
Laptop Glowing Unlimited Rates

5 hours

Cigarette smoke, bad structured jokes,
Hotel hot tubs, Lukewarm diet coke,
The in-flight movie's "Ratatouille"
And I don't wanna watch it.

5 hours
Track Name: SHAWING!!!
Track Name: Donnie, You're Out Of Your Element
She took him to a strip mall
Made him shop for shoes and everybody stared
Wishes he could be there,
Somewhere, near There, here There
Nowhere, anywhere but here
Then they went to dinner
And they caught a late night picture show
Wishes he could hit that, tap that
Lick that, touch that
Screw that he ain't going near

She doesn't learn from mistakes
And she doesn't eat steak, she's vegetarian
But she'll eat you alive
So you'd better run and hide

Standing on the edge of the world
The ocean still seems far away
Your ten foot flag is unfurled
Casting a shadow on our day
Even on the highest throne
You're still sitting on your ass
But the truth still remains
I still feel sorry for you

Pick her up on Friday
There's a party at her best friend's house
Says she's gonna smoke that, drink that,
Shot Glass, Shake ass, Get smashed
Have another beer
Left her at the party
Went home with a girl who reads Shakespeare
Because she has intelligence, compliments
Common sense, no offense,
Makes sense to everybody here

We all feel sorry for you
Track Name: I Hate Both Of You, But Me and Frank Go Way Back
Time for another trip into the past
With time spent in parking lots, late nights that won't last
But I need to be honest just this one last time
And shed out some thoughts, some piece of my mind

You were always afraid of things inside of your head
Why don't you defeat all of your demons and
Live your life instead
Constantly trying to correct things that cannot be saved
You gave up so quick, just cause of one bad mistake

So take some time off for evaluation
This alarm calls for evacuation
A small town scene incarceration
There's no more need for contemplation

If we gave out some cues to our generation
We might get a little more education
I hope we go out with a celebration
As soon as our bus rolls out from the station

So this one goes out to all who have heart
Who have loved and lost and been torn apart
We'll move on
We'll be fine
Just this one last time
Track Name: That's How We Roll (In Atlas On Strike)
We sit at home watching TV shows
With a fridge full of condiments wearing yesterday's clothes
Give it up, Go to bed, it's almost 3AM
And we haven't showered yet

We're Alright, (We'll be) just fine
All our friends, (We'll Be) here till the end

Our apartment's filled with Kevin Smith movies
We play music all night in our room that doesn't have any lights
All around, Break it down, White Chapel Baseball Tees
Forks in the right drawer please this time

Cause that's how we roll
Track Name: Down Here It's Our Time
We've come this far
To show you who we are
We're not afraid
Of things that you might say
Our money's low
We've got nowhere to go
We'll be just fine
Cause down here it's our time
Track Name: All For One and One For All
It's all for one and one for all
I've got your back if you decide to fall
We've armed ourselves with sticks and stones
We can't break your spirits but we'll break your bones

You can't stop us now
With one word we'll pick ourselves up from the ground
You can't stop us now
We'll be singing

Let's raise our glasses to our lives
And sing the anthem of our own demise
Let's fucking go

If all you do is sit and whine
I don't think I've left much behind
So take your booze, your drama and drunks
Your friends, and all the bullshit that comes with it