Episode IV: The Shape of Pop Punk to Come

by Atlas On Strike

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So we were bored one day and decided to go into the studio and write/record/mix/master as many crazy ridiculous songs as possible in 4 hours. Most of the songs were done in 1 or 2 takes. Every song is sloppy, cheesy, immature, and/or vulgar.

This is the result of that day.


released November 1, 2012

Jack - vocals (1, 3, 5)/guitars/bass
Josh - vocals (2, 4)/guitars/bass
Paeton - vocals (7)/drums
Chris Anthony - bass (8)



all rights reserved


Atlas On Strike St Paul, Minnesota

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Track Name: The Patron Saint of the Totally Fucked
you think that you’re some kind of prophet
you think that you’re born to prevail
oh how I wish you had a different brain ‘cause
you’d be real fun to nail

your beliefs make me sick
but I’d cum really quick
if you let me stick it in you
you smell really good
but I don’t think that i should
speak to you again

i don’t think that you’re funny
but I think that you’ve got a nice body
you’re dumb I confess
but I would pay you for sex
Track Name: It's the WARS Bro!
you fucking make me sick
Track Name: Nun Bouy
hey girl I see intentions through your eyes
and I know everything you’re thinking
take my hand the world is up for grabs tonight
let me show you what a man’s made of

you’re so sexy
you’re so sexy girl
Track Name: I Thought Hurricane Season Was Over
i can’t fucking believe
you ever wanted me to stay here
so fuck you
you fucking suck
goddamn motherfucker in my ass-cunt

let’s get this party started
Track Name: Stanley Yelnats IV
i see you around every once and a while
you brought me in with your smile
eating away at my mind everyday
i only wish that you’d stayed

under the tree you told me about your life
i knew that things were alright
i held you and told you i’d never let go
til the leaves fall and grass turns to snow

life is about loving what you do
and seeing your friends
and star wars at midnight
sunsets and people you love
will never end
Track Name: Swimming in the Swimming Pool of Life
Track Name: Midwestern Jesus Mandals
you’ve had my back since we were just young boys
you told me how to live my life with no remorse
and i just want you to know
i love you more than you’ll ever know
Track Name: Jock Box
I'm fresh
You gotta be fresh