I Honestly Don't Give A Fuck Anymore

by Atlas On Strike

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We recorded this. It took a long time.


released June 22, 2015

Recorded by Matt Trunk and Erik Atwell at The Hole in Whitewater, WI.
Produced by Atlas On Strike and Solomon Grundy.

Erik Atwell played the drums, sang and played piano.
Johnny Benzon played trumpet, trombone and piano.
Jack Sibilski sang and played guitar.
Matt Trunk played bass and sang.
Mary Sibilski played violin on "Swedish Fish"

Kevin Tully took the picture on the cover.

All music written by Atlas On Strike.
Lyrics for 3, 4 and 6 by Jack Sibilski.
Lyrics for 1 by Jack Sibilski, Mary Sibilski and Matt Trunk,
Lyrics for 2 by Erik Atwell and Matt Trunk.
Lyrics for 5 by Matt Trunk.

THAN-Q: All families, Danielle, Kendra, Monica, Kevin Tully, Nello, The Best Of The Worst, Dalton Scolman, Joshua "Sweetbeard" Lancaster, Fitness, Scott Rupprecht, Nick & Katie, Shot Memory, Paeton & Charlie Siren, Josh Jurss, You...

Goodnight everybody.



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Atlas On Strike St Paul, Minnesota

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Track Name: Swedish Fish
The sun sets in the west
I'm not at my best
Thanks to you
You said that we were fine
But you were never mine
I wish I saw that sooner

I hope you're happy now
Blending into the crowd

And sometimes at night I hear you laughing
And even though the joke's not funny
You still find a way to hurt me

Driving all through town
for hours at a time
I might just crash into the overpass
I wish I did never meet you
We see ourselves through different eyes
You won't be seeing me tonight

You talk during movies I wish you would stop that
You talk to your friends as if there was a laugh track
It's always the same you're the scratch and I'm the itch
You talk during movies I wish you would stop that
You talk to your friends as if there was a laugh track
You tore up my heart and you ate it like swedish fish


And sometimes at night
When you're not laughing
I know the jokes you think are funny
And ignore the times
you hurt me

I can't say I'm good
I'm hanging in there
Just pack your shit and go don't tell me why life's fair.
Just shut your mouth and shut the fucking door
Don't look this way anymore.
Track Name: Tres Meses
Three months since you tore my heart out
and I just can't seem to figure out
why I'm still here it's just not clear

Three months since you shit out my soul
And I'm still trying to get us to go
Back to where we were

And I start to realize
As I look into your eyes
That we can't go back to what we once had
And I start to realize
As you look into my eyes
This is over now
This is the end

Getting stoned
in my room alone
And I'm so far gone
So this is moving on
And I can't seem to find all the reasons why
All the fucked up lies inside your mind


(matt and erik sing some shit together here I'll have to check what it is LATER)
Track Name: Second Period Algebra
You didn't call me in the morning
right then I knew something was wrong
your best friend handed me a note and said that she was sorry
and now I'm stuck here writing this damn song

The entire day was torture start to finish
The only thing I thought about was you
You said you needed time to think
While I am crying into the sink
Wondering about how I can make it through

And every time
I think about you
I wonder what
The fuck went wrong
Was all the time we spent together
Completely wasted
Or did I just waste time
Worrying about it

You said that there was no other way
I had to go home cause of the pain
I tried several times to talk to you
But putting your head down's all you could do
Are you done thinkin' about it now?
Track Name: Item 9
Keep your hands and arms
Inside the vehicle at all times buckle up
I'm just a shit-smear
On the surface of this earth
Running low on luck

I'm here staring at the ceiling
Underneath's what's so revealing now
I just sold my soul on craigslist
To some guy screenamed Satan now

Doctor won't you
Prescribe me something that will
Take away the pain
Each day gets better
But then takes 2 steps back
Oh won't things ever change

Here's to falling off the deep end
No more promises to keep this time
My life's written on the sidewalk
The rain'll wash away the chalk this time


I keep falling in love
And then falling back out
In this life that I live
Underneath a veil of doubt
And my head's just a mess
And it's all just a test
Where you think you'll do good
But you just wanna shout
"Get me out! Get me out! Get me out"
Before I start to break down
And lose control of myself
And I swear one day it'll work
And everyone won't treat me like a jerk.
Track Name: The Devil's Bargain, Pt. II
I'm just hysterical enough to say
That I think about you everyday
It's eating me from the inside out
But it's nothing to complain about

They try to tell me that the lining is silver
But I'm searching for gold
Well I'm not getting any younger
And my beliefs can't be sold

I've failed one thousand times
In a million different ways
These are the words that I'll probably
Take to my grave

It's a hope it's a lie
It's everything I feel inside
It's a joke it's a pain
It's so fucking lame
If I had it my way it would rain everyday
So it feels like someone felt my pain
Track Name: Metal Girl
I saw you at a Kreator show
I wasn't even gonna go
There you were hiding under your hair
I just couldn't help but stare

A wall of death was started
Then you left me brokenhearted

Metal girl
Tell me I'm the one
I wanna be your whole world
Come to a ska show I'll tell you how to have some fun

Iron Maiden shirt
Big boots and a bullet belt
We'll headbang 'til our necks break
I have never felt like this

This is the sound of my heart
This is where we fall apart.